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Posted on April 4, 2016 by na Reply Alison Tyler has her friends boyfriend, Johnny, stop by to tailor a dress for her. While hes there, Alison bust out her huge tits. Johnny cant take his eyes off of them. Lucky for him, Alison not.

Talk about a hit-and-run! Posted in Alison Tyler Leave a reply Posted on September 23, 2010 by na Reply Alison and Bill walk up to see Evan and Roxanne destroying Scott and Tiffany in a match. Evan looks very strong, and Bill is nervous about.

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He is all riled up because the girls are coming to his house and using his washer/dryer and while waiting they are eating and drinking his food. This is getting him in trouble with his girlfriend, who is now holding back the sex from him.

He tells her his wife works at the DMV and pressed a few buttons and found out where she lived, and now hes not leaving until she figures out a solution. Alison tries to hit on Will and offer him something else, but that doesnt.

She catches her man checking Jada out. Instead of being upset Alison is turned on and convinces her husband to bang her best friend Jada. Posted in Alison Tyler. Leave a reply Posted on October 3, 2014 by na Reply Alison comes over to Richies.

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Shes out to prove to her friend, Heather, that shes not a prude and the best way she can think of doing so is by fucking the very next guy she sees. Of course, Heather is not to be out done and joins Allison for.

Her friends husband is a little hesitant though since his wife is in the other room, but Alison makes him forget all about that once she sucks on his cock and has him bang her on the kitchen counter. Posted in Alison Tyler Leave a.

Evan tells her to join him for a drink at his place after her match. At his home, he wants to talk about volleyball strategy, but she only has one thing on her x. And he is powerless to resist her. Posted in Alison Tyler.

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