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The Welcome Mat /a Episode 1.02 Sunday, May 05, 2013 1.305 million viewers (6th) Written by Trent Atkinson. Directed by Lynn-Maree Danzey While Olivia remains feeling unwell and disconcerted by James's continued distance, it's Elizabeth who's the most put out irritated by the fact that.

At Ash Park, Olivia and James's relationship is at breaking point as Olivia struggles with the identity of James' lover. Guest Cast: Erica Lovell as Eve Walker, Dina Panozzo as Carla Poletti, Angelo D'Angelo as Amo Poletti, Michael Sheasby as Bert Ford, Tristan Maxwell as.

But while Sarah finds it hard to deal with Doris' reaction to her nudity, it is Sarah's own, personal demons that she is struggling with most. The wealthy Swanson family visit inverness as Andrew, their handsome and extremely eligible son, hopes to impress Anna. Guest.

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Unable to stop wondering about the woman James admitted to loving in Europe, Olivia searches for any memento he may have kept of her. It is in her wedding album that she makes the shocking discovery of who the person he loved is. Guest Cast.

Elizabeth is clearly unimpressed, but the simmering hostility takes a back seat when Olivia's health takes a turn for the worse. Guest Cast: Deborah Kennedy as Doris Collins, Judi Farr as Peg Maloney, Angelo D'Angelo as Amo Poletti, Jacinta Acevski as Alma Grey, Nicole Shostak.

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Amber Liu (singer), Barbara Perry (actress), Shuko Akune, Mary Healy (entertainer), Tracey Ross
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A Place To Call Home Home The Prodigal Daughter /a Episode 1.01. Sunday, April 28, 2013 1.768 million viewers (4th) Written by Trent Atkinson, Bevan Lee. Directed by Roger Hodgman Set in rural australia in the 1950s, A Place to Call Home is a sweeping.

Tragic news is about to cause her to make the long-delayed journey back home. Working her passage home aboard an ocean liner, Sarah becomes involved in the lives of the Blighs, a wealthy Australian family. She develops an immediate connection with handsome and charming widower.

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Jessie Cave (born 1987), Adelind Horan, Parul Yadav, Diora Baird, Billie Allen


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