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Lyrical jaunts through a singular land, a geography of joy, sadness, and special madness, hitherto uncharted and unrecognized. Leave that hallowed pigeon-hole for more stodgy scholars, those who will, 'tis rumored, inherit the earth, Richard Brautigan is not the promising young writer of the year.

Yet this devilish overture is sincere enough: Come to Trout Fishing in America, come to Happytown, U.S.A., overlooking the banks of the Chase Manhattan, Come, meet the Kool-Aid wino who dissolves his youthful sorrows in unsweetened, half-strength instant nickel nectar. Come learn, when all else.

The fantasy and daydreaming he so often exhibits in his loose vignettes is the identical reverent, passive madness that Izaak Walton probably knew but didn't care to comment on, doubtlessly fearing exposure. By now, we should expect that of Walton and this of Brautigan: "The.

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So it is difficult to proceed, unarmed as we are, with no convenient facts to gird our loins, with little literary reputation to take up and guide our venture, with no syllabus for another new school of humor. After all, it is difficult to be.

Like astigmatism, I made myself at home.". Like a poet (which he may well be Brautigan is at home in this land, this jumble of unlikely similes, myopic understatement, provincial tomfoolery, and beguiling simplicity. Like a lyric improvisationalist (which is surely is Brautigan dances on.

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Tammy Grimes, Sarah Miles (born 1941), Jane Kaczmarek, Poonam Bajwa, Joanna Roth
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He wore mountains on his elbows and bluejays on the collar of his shirt. Deep water flowed through the lilies that were entwined about his shoelaces. A bullfrog kept croaking in his watch pocket and the air was filled with the sweet smell of ripe.

An imminent takeover? Help! But this is fiction. remember? And it really is about trout fishing. No matter how divergent the text, the theme persists. It is, however, illusive, as insistent as fishbones in beanery fillet: "The fish ran deep again and I could feel.

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Will Mellor (born 1976), June Travis, Dominique Michel, Sara Lou Harris Carter, Louise Glover


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