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7 The series finale, " The Blood Line sees Esther fatally shot by a member of The Three Families  the villains behind Miracle Day  in an attempt to prevent Torchwood ending the Miracle, but Gwen persuades Jack and Rex that Esther has to die so.

Despite her feelings, Rex does not appear to notice or reciprocate, actress Alexa Havins conjectures that "he's so blind to her feelings" due to him having "this wall built up around him that it's hard to break through." 17 Phifer commented that Rex sees Esther.

Contents Appearances edit Television edit Esther Drummond, a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) watch analyst, makes her first appearance in Torchwood: Miracle Day 's premiere episode " The New World " in which she informs colleague Rex Matheson ( Mekhi Phifer ) about a mysterious message.

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By the. Miracle Day finale, Esther has become a more competent field agent, but is murdered by the group's enemies in an attempt to stop them progressing with their mission. Havins was influenced in her decision to accept the part by her husband's appreciation of.

3 Later whilst trying to escape during an undercover mission in an effective concentration camp, in which the gravely wounded are incinerated, Esther strangles Colin Maloney ( Marc Vann ) in unarmed combat, leaving her aghast and shaken. 4 In the following episode, Esther works.

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In the novel, Esther aids Rex in his mission to track down a CIA contingent who have gone rogue with dangerous alien weaponry. Reviewing the novel, SFX columnist Alasdair Stuart commented that author Guy Adams provided "interesting, and brave, context to Rexs relationship with Esther.".

5 The Torchwood team subsequently end up in CIA custody. Though Esther is pardoned alongside Rex, Jack is shot as he tries to escape, leaving Esther with the responsibility of keeping him safe on the run. 6 Two months later, in " The Gathering Esther.

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