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Gersten brought suit in the US District Court of the District of Columbia on behalf of Ground. Saucer Watch, an Arizona based UFO organization. The lawsuit was against the Central Intelligence Agency pursuant to the Freedom of. Information Act. Gersten demanded the release of classified.

Philip Corso was now deceased. (John - What a fortunate coincidence.) In February, 1999, Gersten was back in Court, this time against the Department of Defense (DOD) for information on the triangular UFOs. In March, the DOD stated it had no information on these craft.

The government and scientific establishment still refuse to officially acknowledge the evidence of our interaction with another form of intelligence. And the origin and purpose of this interaction is still unknown. It is also 17 years since the Supreme Court decision forever denying Gersten legal.

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The theories advanced as to the origin and purpose of UFOs, alien abductions, crop circles and ancient artifacts can be supported by evidence. Peter has graciously volunteered more material for the UFO Disclosure group. I will be adding it to this section soon. In addition.

All Rights Reserved.  Used by permission.

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Director of CAUS (Citizens Against UFO Secrecy). Peter Gersten Interview by John Colaw for Skywatch International. CAUS is the only web based organization dedicated to ending the secrecy surrounding this planet's ongoing contact with an "extraterrestrial" intelligence by means of the legal system. CAUS.

On March 8,1982, four and one-half years after the first lawsuit, the Supreme Court refused to entertain the Writ, thereby precluding Gersten from obtaining the documents through legal channels. Sixteen years later, in 1998, Gersten, once again on behalf of CAUS, brought a FOIA action.

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