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Kearney left the project soon thereafter to pursue other ventures in the entertainment industry including a number of hosting gigs. After Kearney's short-lived position at front woman, Dacia Bridges replaced her. Bridges, a native of Michigan, released her first single as the project's frontwoman the.

The studio album, titled #Zeitgeist21 was released on July 3, 2013. Contents Beginnings edit In 1995, Sweetbox was founded as a music project from executive producer Heiko Schmidt and music producer, songwriter, and classical arranger, Roberto "Geo" Rosan. The first vocalist featured in the project.

Tina's first single, I'll Die For You, was released in 1997, achieving most of its airplay in Europe. However, the next single, Everything's Gonna Be Alright, would send international success to the project. The hip-hop song sampled Air on the G string from Suite No.

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After 3,000 auditions, then 18-year-old Jamie Pineda became the projects fifth front woman and was marketed as 'The Next Generation' of Sweetbox. 1 Jamie started writing and recording for her first studio album in September 2007, the same month she turned 19. Unlike the previous.

Vocalist Jamie Pineda took the role as new vocalist shortly after in late 2007 and then releasing her first studio album. The Next Generation in 2009, which was produced by Derek Bramble. Pineda released one more album, Diamond Veil in 2011 and it was released.

In autumn of 2000, Villalon's first single with the project, entitled " Trying To Be Me was released. The song featured back-up vocalist Mucky and was primarily promoted in Europe, although the single was also released in Korea. The first album with Villalon, titled Classified.

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Sweetbox then toured the US, opening and playing with various American pop groups. At the end of 1998, feeling burnt out as a team, Tina left the project forcing Schmidt and Rosan to find a new replacement. Tina released an album after her departure, under.

In late 2006, Villalon left the Sweetbox project. In 2007, Roberto "Geo" Rosan also decided to quit his work for the project and sold his part of ownership to executive producer Heiko Schmidt. Jamie Pineda edit The Next Generation and Diamond Veil edit After Jade.

2 The album, titled The Next Generation, was released in Japan under the Warner Music Japan label in June 2009 and in Korea under the Sony BMG label in November 2009. 3 4 The Next Generation was well received in Japan, where two singles were.

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