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Everyone goes after it, including an evil corporation that wants to gain control of the OASIS, called IOI. ADVERTISEMENT Because of IOI's nasty treatment of its users who go into debt they're taken prisoner and forced to toil away in cramped cells forever as avatars.

Avengers: Infinity War. While we unfortunately have to wait a little while for the latter, we have the lowdown on her role in. Ready Player One, Steven Spielberg 's nostalgic romp through the future. The bad news is that if you blink at any point.

Letitia Wright's star is most definitely on the rise in Hollywood thanks to her scene-stealing role as the wise-cracking Princess Shuri in Black Panther. So, where can we see the British actress next? If you haven't already checked out her intense performance in season four.

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When another character drops off groceries, she's the one who picks them up and gives them to the rest of the "Rebs or rebels, staying at the safe house. Of her role, Wright recently told Yahoo that even though it was small, she got to.

Image Source: Everett Collection Movies Letitia Wright Ready Player One You May Also Like. Now You Know.

"I might not even be in it. You might not even see my face but I've got a credit! And Steven Spielberg; I saw him, I met him, I shook his hand so I'm taking it!". While we obviously we wish she had a bigger.

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Note: light spoilers for Ready Player One below! Wright's character is listed simply as "Reb" on IMDB, which stands for rebel. To give you some background, the film follows a teenager named Wade (Tye Sheridan) throughout a dystopian future where everyone is so miserable they.

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