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When I told of this coincidence to two friends in 1982 I found their respective reactions at gives me the willies! ( J.Tisdall.) I would expect that to be better known if it were true. (ean.) During 1984 I found myself becoming increasingly interested in.

It was Richard Parkers first voyage on the high seas. Thomas Dudley was a sturdy and resourceful captain, Stephens and Brooks went about their duties efficiently but Richard had problems. They were 1,600 miles from land when the South Atlantic hurricane broke. The Mignonette was.

And, like many of my family before and after him, Richard ran away to sea. He boarded the Mignonette, a ship built on the Thames for an Australian millionaire who wanted to explore the Great Barrier Reef. Captain Tom Dudley The captain of the vessel.

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In 1974 he offered a prize for the most extraordinary strange coincidences sent him. My cousin Nigel Parker won. But the weird story he unearthed was only the start of a run of peculiar events that have plagued our family ever since. Dinner on will.

They had trouble finding a crew because the repairs on the boat were bogged. The wood around the stern was rotten and was repaired using screws instead of the copper bolt. The man who was called in to make the repairs objected but nonetheless did.

Copyright Craig Hamilton-Parker Strange Coincidences at the Graveyard To the memory of Richard Parker Aged 17 who died at sea July 25th, 1884 after nineteen days dreadful suffering in the open boat in the tropics having been wrecked in the yacht Mignonette. Though He slays.

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And I wonder what Dudleys descendants feel and what did his children feel as they grew up surrounded by such a haunting story? (The Mignonette had a sister ship called the Peregrine) Strange Coincidences is Copyright of Craig Hamilton-Parker And it gets weirder still Strange.

All conversation stopped when a local programme started talking about the remarkable story. Dad went on to break the silence by saying how weird coincidences always occur whenever Richards tale is mentioned. He told them about Edgar Allan Poe. Shock Two of the girls went.

One historical example which several of them sent in was this In 1838 Edgar Allan Poe published a book The narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket. At one point in this novel, four men are adrift in a boat arid they kill and eat.

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