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Stuart likes music, guitars, microphones, recording equipment of all eras, his wife Kirsty their twins Freya Max! He dislikes: Manchester City, Theresa May 6 string basses! Stephan Ebn Drums, Percussion Vocals. Stephan has been with MOTR for more than 10 years. Before and during this period.

Lorna Osborne Vocals Born in Dundee, Lorna has been with MOTR for well over a decade. Before that she paid her musical dues with top Jazz/funk band SHAKATAK and has a gold and silver disc for the NIGHTBIRDS album. She then went on to become.

He continues to perform with the band he started all those years ago to this day. Ian lives in Glasgow, Scotland with his wife Arlene. When he is not performing with MOTR he is kept fully occupied with the dogs! Prior to Middle of the Road.

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Dance-Diva LORNA B she had several dance hits in the late 90s topping both the Dance and Club charts as featured vocalist with D.J SCOTT, ZERO V.U. and SHARADA HOUSE GANG, twice making the top 4O with tracks produced by Stock and Aitkin. She spent.

The band to Italy in 1970 where they met music producer Giacomo Tosti, who gave the band their first international break.  The band had their first international hit record with debut single, Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep which reached #1 in the UK Singles Chart   and the rest is history. Stuart.

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Genevieve (actress), Dee Devlin, Jo Parker, Claudia Karvan, Nicholas Hoult (born 1989)
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2008, he joined Andreas Wiersichs Midnight Story Orchestra where he also works as a jazz drummer. As a studio musician and producer, Stephan Ebn has worked in studios in Nashville, London, Glasgow and Milan, among other locations. He can also be heard on the soundtracks of numerous films such as The Vexxer, Jerry Cotton or more recently on the soundtrack of the new Bavarian cult film Trans Bavaria. Stephan is one of the most sought-after German tour and studio drummers.

As a musician/producer, he has collaborated on numerous CD releases and has participated in countless international music festivals with a variety of artists. In 2007, he also started working with Gianna Nannini; first in studio and finally on stage. The Pia Come la Canto Io Tour was followed by over.

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