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GENDER : Female AGE: 25 HEIGHT : 5'9 HAIR : Blonde (Sandra) Black (Phantom Lady) EYES : Blue FAMILY : Senator Henry Knight ( Father) Cassandra Knight (Mother) Theodore Ted Knight (Uncle) PLANET OF BIRTH : Earth Opal City RACE : Caucasian.

Contents show Sandra Knight Edit Sandra "Stormy" Knight Sandra Knight is the daughter of Senator Henry Knight and Cassandra Knight of Opal City. A notorious celebutant Sandra was in reality and Agent of a top secret goverment project known as. Checkmate. She is currently working.

Invisibility: Sandra is able to turn invisible to most forms of perception by shifting slighting out of phase with the tangible universe. She is still able to affect the tangible world while in this state. Teleportation: Sandra is able to cover large distances by moving.

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Recent events have placed Sandra in the Leadership roll of the League, something that she is and several of her secret mentors are quite proud of. The Phantom Lady Personality Edit Sandra is dedicated to her chosen role, attempting to carry on the Legacy of.

Edit Theodore "Ted" Knight aka Starman Sandra's childhood during those years was demanding. Early in her childhood she began to exhibit strange abilities the most disturbing of which was her ability to blink out of existence and pass through solid objects. Despite the issues between.

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Trained in security and personal protection (bodyguard) infiltration and clandestine operations training. Fluent in French, Italian, and Spanish. Conversant in Russian, Hebrew, Arabic and Farsi. Powers and Abilities Edit Sandra is a hybrid of human and Kryptonian genetics. Enhanced abilities: Sandra's agility, speed and reflexes.

He acted as a liaison between the Air Force personal and the members of the town leadership, and furthered his work for Checkmate. Meanwhile back in Opal City his wife gave birth to the couples daughter, Sandra. Following the meteor storm Checkmate became more concerned.


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