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Wonderful venue, great sound, terrific audiences - and we found a killer breakfast place in Arcata. Great way to start a tour! The 7th annual Christmas for Veterans concert, organized and MC'd by Bill Edwards in Peekskill, NY at the Paramount Theater. Once more it.

"Aside from my family, playing creative music is my only reason for being on this earth.". Arnie Lawrence Since m went online in 1995, there have been visits to this page. Thanks. I appreciate that. new dates New tour photos from The Baked Potato in.

This powerful set features compositions that the Orchestra played live in the late 70s and early 80s, performed by dozens of Gil Evans Orchestra alumni. A CHRISTMAS WITH YOU 13 favorites and originals in this holiday offering by jazz bassist Don Miller, featuring performances by.

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Take a look at my music "store" at The Levin Brothers - Pete, Tony and Jeff "Siege" Siegel (Levin brother from another mother) - hit the West Coast in January and the Northeast in March. Here's our tour schedule: ORDER "MцBIUS ". CD M ц.

Pete. live this month Extended schedule on Pete's "Live" page More new releases I've performed on recently. 2018 was really busy, with many recording sessions.  2019 is looking to be going at the same pace. Great to have been invited to contribute to these projects. .

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Started last night with. Roseann Sureda's CD release show.  Starting next week, we have 6 Levin Brothers' shows - the trio plus guitarist David Spinozza.  We've had a couple of rehearsals with this new configuration; its gonna be killin!  Finally, I'll be doing a duo.

Wonderful intimate club, the Potato is the only true jazz venue on this whole tour.  Its a pretty special place.  All over the U.S., clubs like this one are disappearing, which is a sad and bitter loss for the jazz world and the art form. .

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